Our Response to Covid-19

We are dedicated to keeping everyone safe.

How GREENHOUSE is keeping you safe.

At GREENHOUSE, we take hygiene and sanitation very seriously.  The highest standards have always been the approach of our therapist and our management. Our new facility has been completely remodeled and disinfected over the last 6 months.  We have created an experience that allows you to find your comfort zone while we maintain a safe environment, so you can simply relax and recharge.
GREENHOUSE will continue to lead the industry towards a new normal that elevates hygiene and sanitation to a level never before seen.  Ever wonder how often the towels or robes were getting washed at your old spa?  What about the sheets and the dressings for the treatment tables?  Did you ever cringe in the dressing room or bathroom?  We did too. At GREENHOUSE, we have made it our mission to make sure you never have to worry about the cleanliness of our facility.

Even before Covid-19, we set out to change the culture in the SPA industry.  We wanted to feel clean, safe and comfortable.  That is what we have built for you.

What we do daily:

1.  Our facility is thoroughly disinfected twice daily. 
2.  Any surfaces that come in contact with a person are disinfected immediately. 
3.  We have masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray placed throughout the facility for guests to use at any time.
4.  All linens, robes, sandals and any other items that come into contact with a person are machine washed immediately following treatment.
5. Therapists have their temperatures taken twice a day. 
6. Therapists wear masks and shields throughout your visit.

What you should expect:

1.  When you arrive at GREENHOUSE, your temperature will be taken by a non-touch thermometer. A temperature of 100.3 or below will be considered safe for entry as long as you are not exhibiting or experiencing any other symptoms. *
2.  If you do not have a mask, GREENHOUSE will provide a mask at no charge. You will then be escorted to the waiting area. Masks are required until you enter your treatment room. *
3.  Once your treatment is complete OR if you are moving to another treatment room, we will request you place your mask on while moving between rooms.

*Please Note

If your temperature is above 100.3 but less than 101, you will be allowed a 10 minute window for a retest. If the second test is normal, you will be allowed to enter. If not, we will reschedule an appointment for 13 days at no charge or penalty to you.

You can remove your mask in the treatment rooms as long as you sign and initial our Face Mask Liability Waiver.