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Change Your Life By Changing Your Subconscious

My Life Coaching programs help you move past redundant thought patterns and help break bad, self-sabotaging behavior. I help people regain their power and ability to manage their stress, increase confidence and program their subconscious to achieve any goal. I help you identify what is putting you off track and stopping you from moving forward. I help you clear out these subconscious patterns and habits and work with you to establish new patterns and habits so you can achieve your goals.

Prior to his leadership role in Nashville, Barry worked for one of Europe's largest media companies where he led marketing and development teams in the UK. Barry was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and relocated to Nashville, TN in 2007 where he met his wife. He enjoys traveling and outdoor activities with his wife and two dogs.

The services we offer with Barry O'Neill at GreenHouse Comfort Spa can range from couples, individuals, companies and retreats. These services are available in-person or VIA zoom. Revitalize and transform your mind and body using the power of the subconscious! Break bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviors while gaining more energy by learning subconscious strategies to create lasting change. Did you know? Nine times out of ten the biggest problem in any relationship is communication, but that communication can be unconscious, what is said is not always what's heard.

*Please note: We'll be back in 2021! To keep everyone safe, we have postponed our retreats until next year.

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