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Mud Suite

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If you've been searching for the ultimate Mud Suite experience, your wait is over! We are thrilled to unveil our brand new, state-of-the-art Mud Suite. Immerse yourself in luxurious wraps and rejuvenating mud treatments that will leave you feeling revitalized and pampered. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to indulge in unparalleled relaxation and wellness. Contact a Guest Experience Coordinator today and be among the first to experience our premier Mud Suite!

Dry Salt Therapy

45 Mins

Experience the transformative benefits of dry salt therapy, or halotherapy - a holistic, drug-free, and natural treatment designed to enhance your well-being. By harnessing the power of microparticles of salt, this therapy promotes better breathing, rejuvenates your skin, improves sleep quality, and boosts overall wellness. Don't miss the opportunity to revitalize your health naturally. Contact a Guest Experience Coordinator today and start your journey to a healthier, more balanced life!

Infrared Sauna

30 Mins

Discover the rejuvenating power of an infrared sauna - a cutting-edge wellness experience that uses light to create soothing heat. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around you, infrared rays deeply penetrate your skin, effectively dissolving harmful substances and revitalizing your cells and metabolism. This direct heating method promotes detoxification, enhances cellular health, and boosts your overall vitality. Don't miss out on this innovative way to enhance your well-being. Contact a Guest Experience Coordinator today and unlock the full potential of infrared sauna therapy!

Soak Therapy

45 Mins

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our luxurious salt soak at GreenHouse. Immerse yourself in a warm, healing bath while our jetted tub delivers targeted relief to sore muscles, and LED light therapy harmonizes your mind and body. Personalize your soak by choosing from our selection of four therapeutic salts: • Eucalyptus Spruce Soak: Refresh and invigorate. • Balancing Soak: Restore inner harmony. • Lavender Soak: Unwind and de-stress. • Sore Muscle Soak: Relieve and rejuvenate. Contact a Guest Experience Coordinator now to lavish yourself in this rejuvenating experience and discover the perfect blend for your wellness needs!

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